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    Saying Farewell – PSD Bolt

    Jan 27 2017

    Throughout our careers as Veterinarians and Techologists we share an abundance of experiences while working with animals. These experiences range from good to bad, joyful to tragic, comic to maddening.…

  • flea-tick

    No Bite No Comprimise – Flea & Tick Prevention

    Apr 28 2016

    Almost everyone knows that fleas and ticks are a potential problem with dogs and cats. However, we still see many patients that have severe flea and tick infestations. Not everyone…

  • ASPCA_poison_graphic chocolate

    Upcoming Easter Holiday – What to know about Pets and Chocolate

    Mar 24 2016

    Chocolate Toxicity Chocolate may be Canada’s favorite flavor. We like chocolate candy, ice cream, chocolate drinks, and chocolate cakes, just about anything with chocolate. Although chocolate is a delicious treat…

  • PuppyWellness

    Porcupine’s – True or False

    Mar 07 2016

    Thanks to our warm weather porcupine season has started early this year. Are you familiar with any of these? 1.Porcupines can shoot quills. False. Porcupines can swing their tails into…

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    Why would a Veterinarian call another Veterinarian to work on their animals?

    Jun 12 2014

    Quite simply put you can’t know everything. With the ever expanding volume of information available for treatments and procedures for conditions of all kinds it is important to consult and refer…