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Cost of Veterinary Medicine

By December 5, 2017 Uncategorized

There are many things that go into your animals care and the cost of that compassion can be expensive. Every day in the clinic we address the physical, medical and surgical needs of pets – many of whom represent  loved companions, valued working dogs and full fledged family members.

In an effort to make sure all of our clients are clear about the charges and what they are for our staff is happy to provide estimates for all procedures – both elective and emergency. We endeavour to make sure all charges are explained and accurate but remind everyone that many procedures especially emergency, critical or ongoing care can be difficult to provide exact costs and estimates imply a range. When a range is provided we make all attempts to honour it and minimize the cost to our clients. Unfortunately there are times when costs may exceed the upper end of an estimate range. Needless to say we do our best to keep our clients updated.

There are many options to assist our clients with the cost of compassion. There are numerous very reasonably priced insurance policies that are available for our pets these days. The coverage, deductibles and terms can all be arranged for individual animals and breeds and our staff are well informed to help you with selecting the best policy. Most of the insurers Veterinary Clinics deal with allow for 30 day free insurance for new puppies and kittens – a great way to start. We strongly recommend an insurance policy for any new pet.

In the event your pet has a serious issue and requires immediate care this can be addressed with rapid application Health Smart cards that can be completed online.

There is a solution for everyone. Our staff is happy to help assist our clients and their animals in need.


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