Pet Identification Methods

Tattoo Identification

Any animal undergoing an anesthetic at the Devonian Veterinary Clinic is eligible for a free identification tattoo. We recommend visual as well as electronic identification for all animals. The AVMA prefix program identifies the clinic your pet was tattooed at and a unique number identifies your animal. Pounds, bylaw enforcement, SPCA, veterinary clinics, etc. use this program to help identify and reunite you with your pet.

Microchip Identification

Electronic idenfication or microchipping is another option for permanently identifying your pet. A small microchip, about the shape & size of a grain of rice is simply injected under the skin in between the shoulder blades. A scanner is used to retrieve the number from the microchip. The unique number specifically identifies your pet and which database your information can be located in. The microchips we use at the Devonian Veterinary Clinic are good in all of North America.

Downfalls of Identification

Identification is only as good as the information that is registered to the tattoo or microchip. If your animal has been tattooed at our clinic and you move, we strongly encourage you to update your information. If we ever need to call you, it makes it that much easier and may save valuable time in case of an injury. If your pet is microchipped please contact the microchip company to update your information.

We advise you to have your pet carry as much identification as possible. With any luck, you and your pet will never need it, but should you need it, your pet will be thankful that you chose to have it! Collars are still encouraged, but please realize that they can be lost, broken or removed and are not permanent. The Devonian Veterinary Clinic believes in permanent identification so strongly that we have recently changed our policy. Any animal being spayed or neutered here must get a form a permanant identification either the free tattoo that we offer or purchase a microchip.